Day 11: Swimming & Running

Day 11. 1000 yards of swimming and a 7 mile long run at a moderate pace.

I decided to finally to get swimming lessons and my first lesson was this morning. I was anxious about the lesson (even waking up last night thinking about it) because I’m so embarrassed about my swimming technique. I’m so happy with my first lesson. My instructor is a triathlon coach which meant he instantly understood my motivation. He consistently made references to triathlon training which made me feel better. He watched me swim for a bit and then made some small but immediately impactful changes. I “flutter” my feet when I kick, my left arm goes out to far in the pull, I don’t hold my stroke long enough. He offered some suggestions and the result was impressive. Immediately following my lesson I swam my 1000 yards per the training program and notched my fastest 1000 yard, 500 yard, and 100 yard times. I could have kept going. Most interesting to me was that I decreased my average strokes per length to 12.1, which is 2 strokes lower than I’d ever done before. Swim lessons with Chuck will now be a reoccurring weekly event.

Sunday’s are long run days with progressively longer distances as the weeks go by. Today’s goal was 7 miles. The run went well and my legs felt strong. One of the goals of the long run is to keep it “moderate” or a zone 3 run. For me that means staying in the mid-9 minute mile pace. It’s hard to do and today’s run averaged 8:28 with a bulk of my time spent in zone 4. This is something I need to work on.

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