Day 12: Cycling

Yesterday was a rest day. Monday’s are always rest days and I was thankful for it. My legs still ached a bit from Sunday’s run and everything needed the time off.

Day 12 of the program had me doing 40 minutes on the bike with eight 10-sprints. Typically I would do this on the trainer in the garage but Colin is in town for the week and brought his bike with him so we could ride. So Ride we did. I left in the darkness and rode for 15 minutes to meet him at a Starbucks when it started to rain. First it was a light sprinkling, but soon it became a real pouring rain. The thing is, once you’re wet, you’re wet so you might as well go for it. So that’s what I did. I end up getting my training ride in plus some. I was careful on the slick roads but it’s clear that my hours on the trainer are helping.

When I got home I was soaked. To the bone. The hot shower never felt better.

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