Day 13: Double duty with a swim and a run.

Today was the first day back in the pool after my awesome swim lesson. I was curious how “true” I’d remain given that there wasn’t an instructor watching me. I started out with a 100 yards with the kick board so practice deep kicks, followed by 100 yards with a pull buoy to practice my glide. The kick board was tough. Turns out that I don’t go very fast just kicking. After my warm up I did intervals of 12×25 with 15 second rest periods. I finished off with 500 yards to get me to the 1025 mark. I was happy with the session as my 100 yard time came in at 2:38 and my strokes per length stayed at 12.3 which is fine for now.

I finished off the day with a pretty average 4 mile run in the treadmill at work. I kept a good pace but I definitely need to start eating more mindfully around exercise–I was hungry on the treadmill which makes for a painful run.

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