Day 14: 40 Minutes on the trainer

Triathlon Training Day 14

It was pouring rain this morning so my 40 minute ride was spent in my nice dry garage. This is where Zwift and trainers shine; I get to stay dry, listen to the news, and when I’m done I’m I just hop off. The 40 minutes was to include 8 minutes of “hard” cycling. For me that meant staying above 3w/kg. I did this for 5 minute chunks and dropped back to 2.2w/kg for rest. For the first time using Zwift I found myself being motivated by staying with other riders. Usually I tune out the other riders but for some reason today I found myself being competitive with a small group of riders on the same track. I ended up getting in 15 miles on Zwift in the course of 45 minutes which means my legs can feel it.

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