Vacation ended. The Plan Continues.

Day 28

We got back from Healdsburg Saturday afternoon. It was a beautiful day. After a week of rain the sun was finally out and blue skies were everywhere. It was a good time for a long bike ride.

The Pla nsaid 30 miles so 30 miles it was. Without much of a plan I decided on the flattest, longest stretch of road I could think of and that where I went. My goal is to be able to sustain 20mph by June 1st on a relatively flat course. On this day I got up to 17.5 mph which is

good improvement. Generally I average ~15 mph so i’ll take the 2.5 mph increase. I absolutely pushed it the entire time and at the end of 30 miles my legs were unhappy with me. But so be it.  Nothing some ice can’t fix. It was nice hanging with actual “cyclists” and not being blown past. At one point I even had a guy drafting on me for a solid 3 miles. When we finally got to a red light he pulled up alongside me and said, “thanks for the ride. You were moving!”

It was so nice to be on the road but now it’s back to the garage next week.

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