A long ride

Day 34: 40 Mile Bike Ride

Saturday was here which meant it was time to ride my bike outside! Not finding anyone that wanted to go for a ride at 6:30am I set out alone for a 40 mile ride that took my up to Woodside, Canada Road,

The Portola Loop and finally Foothill Expressway. It was a great ride. A one point I ended up with a huge group ride (Penvelo Summit Cycles). It was fun hanging on to the group for a while and getting a break while they pulled me along. The weather was perfect and I was feeling great.

By the end of 40 miles (technically 42) my legs were pretty shot but I still felt great. I was particularly happy about my nutrition. Rather than sticking with a low-carb/high protein diet I’ve started adding a lot of carbs back into my mornings. So, instead of my normal protein shake to start m

y day, I had a bowl of Oatmeal and two slices of wheat toast. Then throughout the ride I made sure eat. I brought along a Z-bar and a fruit rollup in addition to my Nuun water. When the ride was complete I immediately drank my protein shake and ate a good lunch. The results seemed to work well. I wasn’t exhausted like I had been the previous week. This will be my new nutrition strategy for high-intensity training days.

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